Les Hauts de Croix de Labrie

The famous Château Croix de Labrie is pleased to present Les Hauts de Croix de Labrie.

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“One of the sexiest wines from Bordeaux”—Robert Parker

Château Croix de Labrie is located in Saint-Émilion Grand Cru in the Bordeaux region of France. From vines to bottles, our wines are hand-crafted with great attention to detail at every step. We work the soil, plow by horse, plant and prune by hand. We selectively harvest only the mature grapes by hand, and pack them carefully in small crates to protect the fruit. We manually sort and select the grapes, before sending them to small tanks for vinification. Malolactic fermentation occurs in new French oak barrels with medium toast where aging continues for at least 18 months. All of this care and finesse ultimately results in our wines of great richness and depth—the elegant expression of fruit and terroir.