Bodegas Viña Mayor Certified Wineries for Climate Protection

Find Out More The vine is a plant that is very sensitive to increased temperatures. Its life cycle speeds up, harvests are earlier, the production and quality potential can be affected and vine growing areas vary.

Since 2011, we are actively involved in the Wineries for Climate Protection (WfCP) project, with the objective of conserving habitats, traditions and winemaking culture in light of a phenomenon of fundamental importance for vines: climate change.
The WfCP project certifies best practice in the prevention of the effects of climate change, working on these aspects: reduction in emissions, renewable energy and energy efficiency; water management; and waste reduction.
This project is headed up by Bodegas y Viñedos Viña Mayor and is reflected in a number of measures, including the selection of drought resistant varieties, the efficient planning of water resources and the dedication to organic vineyard production methods.