Hatsumago Saké

Hatsumago began brewing saké in the 26th year of the Meiji era (1893) in the port town of Sakata. The brewery was originally named “Kinkyu,” but was changed to Hatsumago, meaning “the first grandchild” in Japanese, in 1930 following the birth of the founder’s first grandson. The founder wished that everyone would love the saké brand the same way everyone loved his first grandson; the name Hatsumago has been used ever since.

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Many of Hatsumago’s brewers have inherited traditional craft skills of saké brewing through their community, including use of the “kimoto making” technique of brewing, a method for breeding yeast that requires meticulous skills and years of experience. Saké made using this technique are unique due to their complexity, depth, and smooth aftertaste. These characteristics complement the flavors of various foods, making it an excellent beverage to enjoy with cuisine of all kinds.