Pacific Oasis Winery

Pacific Oasis Winery hails from the Columbia Valley in Washington State, an American Viticultural Area (AVA) which lies in the Columbia River Plateau. Here the climate includes cold winters and long, dry growing seasons with favorably low humidity. The warm days and cool nights of this AVA help maintain the balance of acid and sugar levels in the grape.

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This ideal growing environment produces the fruit which becomes Pacific Oasis Winery’s citrus-rich Chardonnay, richly robust Red, and fruity and floral Riesling. Enjoy these distinctive wines alongside your favorite dishes and discover the natural beauty that an accompanying glass of Pacific Oasis reveals in its partner. Alternatively, these wines shine when sipped as an aperitif to awaken the appetite. Looking for an escape from the ordinary? Sip and slip away into an oasis of flavor with Pacific Oasis Winery.